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What grows in a #newsgarden?Friendship! Intelligence! Understanding!

 (And fannies, but we try to ignore that side-effect.)

The #newsgarden channel is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel located on Undernet servers. They were created by people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and political philsophies from around the globe. We gather online to chat, debate, discuss, argue, gossip, socialize... (and a few have even found romance!) The format is informal and unstructured, with a minimum of rules to keep interaction civil and pleasant for all participants. Please see "Rules" below. Click on the "Chatters' Page" link to meet some of the members of our online community.


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A message from DaRat!

Thanks to our channel founder,
PlagueRat, pictured below.

PlagueRat was born at a very young age. He was the 189th son of ApocalypseRat and rose to the #3 spot by eating most of his siblings. Author of many world renowned pestilences, he is perhaps best known for his 1364 Black Death European tour. He now lives peacefully in the backwoods of Ohio, occasionally infecting a passing fox or groundhog.

Sightings of DaRat

What are the RULES? In short: Behave like a civil human being who wasn't raised by dingos. But, to be specific: Be respectful. No direct insults. Attack the idea, not the person. No gross obscenities, no racial slurs or bigoted language when discussing race or similar topics, no spamming, flooding or intentional disruption of the channel.

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it...

Ops are identified with a @ preceeding their nicks.Ops are volunteers who supervise the channel in accordance with established rules. Rules violations will result in a warning, unless the violation is so severe that an immediate kick or ban is warranted. Failure to heed warnings will result in a ban. (For this reason, never place an Op on your "ignore list") Spirited debate is welcome, abuse of others is not.

If you need assistance while on channel, feel free to message an Op. They will be happy to help you, if possible.

And now, a word from our chief OP!