The good folks at #news_garden are proud to present The Dalnet IRC Servers List. We try to keep this as current and correct as possible but don´t expect it to be updated 10 times per day. We're pushing the envelope so you don't have to.

Fact: If you download and install mIRC v6.03 and read and follow the suggestions on this page you will normally not have a hard time connecting to dalnet. We realize that dalnet is experiencing some serious problems. Sometimes, those problems are so severe that not even the suggestions here will help you connect. However, those times are becoming fewer with each passing dady, and we hope dalnet will soon we blessed with a complette recovery. Until then, faten your seatbelts, we may experience turbulence with little, if any, warning.

If you do not do anything else, use /server IP:port rather than allowing mirc to connect to an unknown server and port. You can get the IP number from the list below. Just type /server IP:port into the mirc status window and hit <Enter>.

For help in editting your mIRC Servers List, check this out.
All of the following commands will work with all versions of mirc, however, we recomend that you use the latest version, version 6.03.

Not all servers require identD to be enabled. Some do, some do not. And sometimes this changes from day to day and may not be reflected on this page.

Mirc is set to abort the connect attempt if not connected in 45 seconds. Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes to connect to your favorite server. To get around this, we offer the following suggestion:

Go to Menu...File...Options...Connect...Options and enable "Connect Retry" and set "If not connected in ___ secs" to 300. Also, disable try next server in group.
Note: Due to a bug(?) in mirc, the 300 second timeout will not go into effect until the second attempt (first retry).

Notice the list of servers below: There are only 7 servers that you need try connecting to as all the others are either dead or will forward you to another server in the active 7. Yes, this number (7) will change all the time, and this page may not be updated each time it changes.

Not all server accept connections on the same ports. As far as we can tell, there is no rhyme, reason, or pattern to which server allows connections on what ports. Therfore, you MUST use a port listed for the server to which you are trying to connect.

To connect to a specific server use: /server IP:port

Server will connect faster if you use IP instead of Server Name.
To get Server IP use reference below or /dns <Server Name> If you try to connect to a hub, it will either try to connect you to an active server or will refuse connection. Therefore, you should remove all the hubs from your active servers list.

*Note: resolves to which connects you to any open server but is usually slow to connect.
Pretty simple ... make it look like the image below. Enter your userid in the userid slot.
Mirc identD Window
This image shows 6667 in the Default Port textbox. You should use Port: 6663 when connecting to most dalnet servers because some will not accept connections on port 6667. We leave this set to 6667 because that is the valid default port for most IRC networks, especially Coolchat Net.

Menu...file...options...connect...options, and click on the Retry Button.
Mirc Options Window
Click on the Retry Button in the Mirc Options Window above to get the Mirc Retry Options Window shown below.

Enable connect reply should be checked.

If not connected in ___ seconds should be set to 300.

Retry connect ___ times should be set to 1.

Retry delay should be set to 5.

Try next server in group should be off.
Mirc Retry Options Window

Type /links into any mirc window to get the Links List similar to the one shown below.

The order and number of the servers shown in the links list is always changing and depends on what server you are connected to and the number of servers currently online.

The first server in the list, twisted is the server you are connected to.

The second one, Typhoon, is the hub/server your server is connected to and it will be indented one space more than your server.

If other servers/hubs are connected to the hub to which your server is connected, they will be indented one space more than your hub. And they are prolly colored green.

Example: Rhythm, tiscali, mesra-e, jade, acool-e, and twisted are all connected to typhoon.

The other servers and hubs are arranged with indents indicating which is connect to which. If a server is indented one space more than the one above, then it is connected to the one above.

Example: Toronto, Zone, Ithica-c, and Tricky-e are all connected to vanity-r. they are all colored purple and are all 4 hops from twisted.

In example above, notice how Liberty is indented an extra space because it is connected to Zone.

Using that same logic, borg and valhall are both connected to gaston which is connected to toronto which is connected to vanity-r which is connected to rhythm. Therefore, borg and valhall are 6 hops from twisted, and now you know what the number in parenthesis is. The more hops, the longer it takes for a message from your server to reach another server. This delay is known as LAG.

The colors are nice but don´t mean much other than an easy way to group things in your mind. You do not have to pay extra for the colors.
Mirc Links Window (for example above)
Latest Links Window Friday, September 27, 2002 03:08 UTC
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